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I do think all of us have this deep connection to the deeper ecology of the world and one of the ways that we do that is by partaking in herbs and plants and bringing them into our lives. So that’s really how the WildCrafter was born. Build Your Immune Defense With Our Immune Shield Coffee

Hi, I’m Tieraona Low Dawg. I’m a medical doctor and a novelist. I have been gathering and growing and using herbs for food medicine for 40 years. For thousands of years, people from around the globe have turned to plants to nourish and restore their health. Science has now been able to verify how and why many of these herbs work and what they do and which ones might benefit you. Using nature is our inspiration and science as our foundation.

The WildCrafter infuses your everyday items with botanicals designed to enhance resiliency and vitality. When used as part of one’s daily rituals, formulation is as much an art is. It is a science. Whenever you’re going to blend your botanicals together, you’re always thinking about what is your overall effect that you’re trying to impart.

When we were crafting the WildCrafter blends, there was a lot of intention that went into those formulations. I take quality very, very seriously. That is why at the WildCrafter we purchase organic coffee and organic botanicals, but we don’t stop there. Every single batch that comes in is tested for its identity. Do we have the correct genus and species?

It is tested for heavy metals, and we test for 300 pesticides and herbicides. This is more than what most companies do. It’s not cheap. It takes a lot of effort, and it’s also why you pay a little bit more for that quality. But let me tell you, you don’t want to be having led and pesticides in your cup of coffee. You can feel confident at the WildCrafter that we never ship a box of coffee until it’s perfect at the WildCrafter. We’re using whole plants because we’re making hole products for whole people. So when you’re enjoying one of our WildCrafter blends, you can feel good about every sip you take.

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