SelectTV Review

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Today we are taking a look at SelectTV. Now, if you’re used to Rabbit TV, let’s get this all the way right now. Select TV is the new version of Rabbit TV. It’s just rebranded here, slightly different one. The big standouts. The differences between select TV and Rabbit TV is when they both aggregate free content from around the Web into one location.

SelectTV seems to allow you to sign up for premium service and manage them through SelectTV and put all that counts in one place when you sign up is a primarily website. There is a phone app, but there’s no fire TV roku app at this time, and I don’t expect it because Rabbit TV never came with one.

So I got it set to the free mode. This is only show me free content. Let’s go take a look at the new content out there and give you an idea of what it does it. When it loads up here, you get all your basic content. What’s upon time? The 100, Fox content Cops. Let’s check out cops, and I want to check out this episode here as you can see when you load it will give you an option of where to watch it. You see, we’re going to be watching this on the spike website. No different than if I went to Spike’s website on my own and pulled it up there.

They can see this is just the spike exit all that. Not really much to say about that. But that’s also break up by genres there in decades and all kinds of different categories. Let’s take a look at the nineties TV and see what we get here. A times It seems to be a little slow to load, I think maybe getting on traffic, we’ll check out Stargate SG one. Looks like there’s four free episodes here from the first season.

Let’s see what options gives us when it pops up, there’s often multiple ways or watch it. They’ll kind of aggregate that I have in the same show repeated. We click on it. So hey, it’s free here. Hands free on this site, which is kind of is that toe have repeats because often these free sites will put the same shows up on different sites again. We’re kind of hanging here. I’ll give it another second to load. It’s back out and tries again.

Well, what I wanted to show you here is there would be a button right here that would say who free. The reason I want to point that out is this is who episodes. Here we go. Who free the problem? That who has shut down the free version? It’s pretty much all moving over to Yahoo View. I would assume at some point there integrate with Yahoo View. We have to wonder of all the who content you have on here would disappear, gives the option to subscribe to who lose subscription and or to get the episode on Amazon Prime They al Ferreri.

Now so you know it does do a nice job of aggregating the content that’s here. Bought again. You’re paying $3 a month for an aggregation service. Check out movies real quick and see what kind of movies are available through this. So let’s check out the Three Musketeers, Um, watching out, see what does. Okay, it’s gonna bring me over to to be TV, so it’s integrated to be TV again. To me. TVs a free app.

They have ah, row crew face our excuse me Roco Fire TV Apple TV APS to you could watch it on your big screen. Some three pier. So you can also add some to your favorites and Mandel shop over here to the all side on. Go back to the home page, wait for it to come up here and were Quickly glance at this again. You see, you have ads. So now, now I’m in my, um, getting all that I get a whole lot more here, you get different. You know, these are news channels, with exception of a few like CBS End, which is 27 free. The Fox, an APP and so on are just short clips available on their website.

Well, I don’t really have a lot more to say. It is kind of what it iss. It’s an aggregator. It puts our constant one place. It’s available for phones and tablets and your PC. No streaming set top boxes marked TV support at this time, and I started to recommend it just because it’s content that’s free out there, and I don’t really see a reason to be paying for it. I don’t think this really fills and he needs at this time. Questions, comments. Let me know, and I’ll do my best answer. If you like this video, give us a thumbs up.