Grass Fed Beef: Can you Trust the Label?

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So, unfortunately, we can’t even go to the store anymore and trust a label. Yep, that’s right. So even if something says that it’s a grass fed beef, it’s probably not actually grasp it. We’re getting to a point right now with food marketing that we really have to be educated. We truly have to understand.

So in this video, I want to help you understand the true difference between grass fed beef and grass finished beef. But I also want to help you understand the physiological and the actual difference of the two in your body, so I will help you understand a few different things. But first off, I want a reference, a study that at least points out why true grass fed or grass finished beef is much, much better than the traditional stuff you’re gonna find at the grocery store when it comes down to it.

A publication called the Nutrition Journal published a study that took a look at the Omega three profiles between grass fed or grass, finished beef and traditional grain fed. Okay, they found that grass fed beef ended up having a 1.5 to 1 ratio of omega three to Omega six, they found that grain fed beef contained a 7.65 to 1 ratio of omega six to Omega three. That’s a huge, huge difference. Gonna tell you right now when it comes down to what you’re consuming, the higher the omega six, the worst, the meat or the beef or the actual fat is for you.

So let’s go ahead and talk about the difference between grass finished and grass fed. So just because something says grass fed doesn’t mean that it’s actually been fed grass. Okay, as long as cattle starts out on grass, food marketing allows them to say that it’s grass fed, even though realistically, what’s happening is a cattle are started on grass and then move to a feedlot and fed grains to finish them. But if they ever ate a blade of grass in their life, legally, they can call it grass fed. So the reason that typically feed grain is for obvious reasons.

A lot of us here they’re watching this video, probably low carb advocate Sir Kito advocates, and we know that drains and cars generally end up costing a lot of weight gain if you’re doing them in an uncontrolled fashion. So what do they do? They give these cattle a lot of grains that give him a lot of corn, that getting a lot of soy, and they put weight on him and allows them to get Maura at market. So start him on grass so you could do the grass fed label.

Then move on over to the feedlot and give him a bunch of grains so you can pump the weight on him and then get more dollars for that’s plain and simple what’s happening? But there’s a lot of evidence that points to why we really should be leaning towards true grass finished beef. In fact, a lot of research suggests that there is truly a lot more conjugated linoleic acid, also known as C L A in true grass finished beef versus grain fed beef. Now, if you’re getting conjugated linoleic acid from a natural source, it is a huge stimulant of fat loss.

Now you’re getting it from a supplement, a different ball game because that’s a plant source that they artificially modified. So it doesn’t really apply there. I’ve done videos on C L. A. In the past, you could check those out. But additionally, when you’re looking at grass finished versus grain fed, you also have a higher level of what’s called glued. If ion and super oxide dispute taste these air to things that kill off free radicals within the body.

So in addition to having a plethora of better nutrients and better fat burning possibilities, you’re also having a better detoxing process by going with the option that is truly grass finished versus grain fed. And if that’s not scary enough, knowing about the grain fed, there’s a study that was published in the Australian Veterinary Journal that found that after 120 days on a feedlot, 11.1% of cows ended up with liver lesions ends up with liver abscesses.

So if you think about that four months, four months somewhere is gonna give 11% of the population a liver abscess. Not only does that tell us how sad the situation is, but it tells us the quality of what we’re ultimately consuming when we’re going with traditional just store bought stuff that isn’t actually grass finished. So I created this video in partnership with Butcher Box because they’re actually advocates for showing what is truly on the label in helping consumers make a true educated decision by knowing what is in their food.

So they helped make this channel possible. So a huge thank you to them. And I know that there’s a lot of people that don’t like whenever I have product plugs or anything in videos. But just know that this is what makes this channel possible. YouTube makes it very, very difficult to create videos and actually make it a system where I can keep creating videos. So it’s partners like this that actually make this channel possible. So whether you take advantage of the discounts in the description below or not, I still want you to know that it’s all about adding value and good contents that you can continue to consume the content that you need to consume the right food.

Okay, so let’s talk about grass finished here for a second. So grass finished means that cattle has been fed nothing but grass its entire life, Okay, but the entirety of its life and what ends up happening with true grass finished is you end up with higher levels of what is called retinol A. That’s basically vitamin A that stored in the liver so ends up leaving us with a lot more beta carotene. So whenever you consume grass finished beef, getting a lot more of the vitamin A that allows your body to utilize minerals a lot more. You know my take on minerals.

If you’re consuming the right amount of minerals in your bodies actually utilizing them, it makes us that your body can stay in home. You’ll Stasis as far as your minerals are concerned and therefore allow you to burn more fat. But guess what? It gets a little bit scarier when we’re actually looking at labels at the grocery store. So if just knowing that the cow can eat grass for one point its life, it could be a gold dress fed. What if I told you that there’s actually something that feed lots are doing to still be able to get the title grass fed? That isn’t even grass. It’ll see what they do if they take something known as ddgs.

What DDG czar is simply corn that has the starch removed. And believe it or not, the FDA allows companies to say that something is grass fed. If they’ve been fed corn that has the starch removed. That makes no sense to me whatsoever so literally. If you take corn and you remove the starch, it magically becomes grass. Well, according to the FDA, that’s fine. So that’s why you can go into a grocery store and you can see grass fed beef that’s truly just been fed corn that has the start removed in no way, shape or form. Do I consider that grass? But that’s just one more thing to be a little bit skeptical about.

Do you want to make sure you’re looking for grass? Finished whenever possible? And there’s another big piece of the puzzle that I want to add in here, and that’s the actual fat content of meat in general. Okay, it doesn’t have to just be beef. It could be any kind of protein source. You see, a lot of times I’m an advocate for leading the leanest possible. Even when you’re on a ketogenic diet. Why people usually say, If you’re on a ketogenic diet, don’t you want the higher fat content in the meat? Well, the thing is, if it’s been inflated artificially by for corner there, Sawyer, we’re going through a feedlot in general.

That’s not exactly the fact that you want. First of all, it’s high omega six fat, but second of all, that’s fat that isn’t there. Naturally, you should be eating the leanest possible cuts of beef and then getting your fats from plant sources that you can control it. You see if you eat leaner cuts, leaner proteins, then you can modulate and control the fats that you’re adding in and you’re not left to the devices of whatever food marketing is out there because you don’t truly know what you’re eating. Remember, you are what you eat. Eight.

So if you’re consuming something that consumed a bunch of soy and it’s got fat added to it because of the soy, that’s not exactly a fat that you want to be creating key tones from you. See, when it comes down to omega three balances within the body, your liver is gonna prioritize whatever fat is more prevalent. So if you have good, healthy fats like Omega three’s coming in, your liver’s gonna prioritize of those. There’s gonna create better key tons could be creating better energy.

It’s gonna make you feel better to create better brain fuel. So eat the leaner cuts of meat and add your fats through a plant source like coconut oil, palm oil or something that you can actually control. So when it comes down to grass, finished grass finish has significantly lower levels of fat than grass fed or grain fed. In fact, we’re talking 20 to 30% less fat overall, so you end up with a leaner, higher quality cut.

So there you have it. That’s the breakdown of grass fed versus grass. Finished. I do highly encourage you guys to check out Butcher Box down below. But honestly, it is gonna be a lot cheaper than going to the grocery store. But more importantly, their advocates for sustainable living. They’re here to make it so that people don’t have to be relying on feedlots, relying on the big beef industry that is now starting to shape the world in a really scary way. So, as always, keep it locked in here. My channel, you have ideas for future videos. Put them down in the comments section below, and I’ll see you in the next video

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