BoxyCharm Premium vs BoxyCharm Classic – Feb 2020

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What’s up, guys? Welcome back today I’m super excited because we have our February boxy charm un boxing. January is officially over. Am I The only one that felt like January was like a whole year. It was cold. It was snowy. January. Honestly, is my least favorite month? The holidays are over, but it’s still cold and still gets dark at like four o’clock at night. But we’re transitioning out of the winter. I mean, February’s like still winter, but I feel like everyone is like the last winter month and then march. We’re like heading into Spring World smooth sailing into summer, which is my personal happy time. I like the warm weather, but anyways, I’m excited for January to be over, and I’m even more excited to do our Boxy Charm unboxing for February.

We have the regular monthly box, and we have the premium box this month. So if you guys were in a box of Trump my boxing term videos, it’s a monthly subscription service. The regular classic boxing term boxes $25 per month. You’re guaranteed five full size beauty products of a least 100 and $25 value, again for only $25 per month. So that’s the classic boxer turned box. So they recently introduced a premium boxes, which is $35 per month. You’re guaranteed at least $175 worth of products in 6 to 7 full size beauty products, so we’re going to outbox both of them. Today I wobbling for you guys to sign up to boxing term in my description box.

As always, if you are interested, make sure you guys subscribe to my channel of you have not already with little about our exes. Subscribe button should be notified of all my future upload. And without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started. All right, so we’re going to start with the classic thoughts. First, I’m gonna go ahead and open her up. I have not even seen any spoilers or anything this month. I was away last week and I was spending time just basically off social media, so I didn’t really see any spoilers, so I don’t know what’s the belts of being here, but I see right here, right on top.

There’s a little promo thing for a box of pop up, which is actually really cool. You could basically get deals on products. If you’re a boxing term member, up to 80% off a boxy poly was gonna be starting on Tuesday, February 11. So we have luck. See, Benefit glam glow like a bunch of stuff. So that’s really, really exciting. And then Oh, inside the bugs. Yeah. Okay. So this big thing that I see right here I am so excited about these are the Fbl skin. Refreshing cleansing, hemp wipes. I go through makeup quite literally like water. Like I go through makeup wipes faster than I think. I go through napkins, like in my house.

Like I use these bad boys and I use a lot of them. So I’m very excited about this. This is pretty cool. Oh, and it says they’re biodegradable, and they can even remove a waterproof makeup, which is pretty cool. So the m s r p on these guys are $10. I feel like the average person and I’m not getting a society is me over Makeup wipes, but like, you need them, you know? Okay, up next I see it, Kate Somerville, which is a really Bujji Skincare brand, and this is her bio. Mimicking peptides smooth and firm serums was like a concentrate but basically her signature blend of peptides.

Let’s see what the pamphlet says about this So it does. It transforms dull, sacking skin into visibly firmer, smoother and refreshed looking skin. After just one week, 97% of women reported their skin appeared visibly tighter. Oh my God! And the Emma’s RP is 98 dollars. I knew Kate Somerville was like Bujji Bujji. I have tried to save her skin care products in the past and actually really, really enjoyed them. So I’m really excited about this. I’ve talked about it a couple of my other videos, but I really feel like 2020 is the year of like skin care, taking care of your skin and glowing skin like there’s gonna be such an emphasis on skin this year. And so I have been trying to do the absolute most. I’ve been trying so much new skin care, so my skin is kind of freaking out right now because of it. But I’m excited to try this out. Honestly, you could have the best makeup in the world, but like your skin underneath plays a huge role in how your makeup is actually gonna look.

So I really have been vowing to take the best care of my skin possible in 2020. So I’m excited about that and turning 27 this year. I’m like a girl needs her skin care. Okay, up next I something from Seattle London. So this is their coconuts Setting powder every day. Vacay well, so it doesn’t go back to even use this to bake and sets its open it up. Super cute packaging looks like it’s like a lot of product that’s even smells like cooking up. Oh my God, it dies. Who has a light smell like? It’s not like overly smelly or anything, but as a really light coconut he smell. I love that. I love the smell of coconut. I’m gonna get a little bit on my hand. Well, it definitely feels finally milled like very like fine loose powder, which is what I like. So I think this would be really, really great for setting the face, and it smells amazing. The name every day they k is like perfect is coconut always makes me think like tropical. So I like this and the M S. R. P. M s. $22.

Next, we have a set of rushes. They’re super cute. Nice, bright orange moments. So these are from Alamar cosmetics actually tried a lot of their stuff in boxes charm and really like to their products. So we have, like, a flat top rush so you could use this for, like, a foundation or really any liquid or cream products. Then we have what they call a complexion brush. It’s kind of like an angle brush, so I like to use thes two like sculpt out my cheeks for contour, or you can also use them for blush. And then we have the a brightening brush, which is kind of like a dome shaped. These are also really, really sauced, by the way, like they feel really, really nice with the don’t brush like this, you could use it to set your un dries or, like lend out direct concealer. Or you could also definitely use it to highlight. That’s how I like to use these brushes.

So you basically use, like most of these rushes to do a full face you could use, like foundation, contour, concealer and highlight. So there’s a lot of options and they feel really, really beautiful. And it doesn’t end here. They’re both vegan and cruelty free, and the others are key is $36 then last not least we have first, a beauty. Oh my gosh, yeah, I’m so excited for all the skin care. So these are the facial radiance pads. I want to say I’ve tried these in the past and really, really likes them. They helped like it’s Foley and breaking your skin. They’re like little pats. You almost would use them, I think, in place of a toner. But it’s easy because they’re already soaked with products and show you instead of your traditional tona rates, like poured out on the console that you buy.

These are basically pre soaked. Ready? Yes, so they just look like this. Me grab one out like this right here, and you can just run it all over your face. Help with exfoliating, getting rid of that dull skin and getting a bright clear skin. I don’t see that these air alcohol free, which is great, too, because I do have dry skin so great to see that there is no alcohol in them. So I am really, really excited about these. And first, a beauty is a really nice brand. Tried their problems in the past and really enjoy them. Oh, it does say these have lactic and glycolic acids in them, which is great. So the Amazon pee on this is $16. All right, so I have a really excited about this months of box. I really like the stuff that I got. So I’m gonna go ahead and at the values of everything.

So let’s see again. $25 per month for the classic box. It’s close to $125 value. So let’s see, we have a $98 for the Kate Somerville active treatment. So that’s basically way over, like what you’re paying for the box to begin with. Then we have the brushes, which are $36. The set the CIA, London powder at $22. The first a beauty, a radiance pads at 16 and the makeup removing Weitz 10 for a total value of $182. So that is more than the premium box is supposed to be worth.

So I’m pretty eager to see what the heck is in the premium box if the classic boxes already over the value of what the premium box is supposed to pay, So premium box right here. Let’s go ahead and open her up again. This one is supposed be 6 to 7 full side. Do cross $175 value at $35 a month Who? Okay, so I see. Right on top. This is the core EZ basil, lemon body butter. Who choruses another like Bujji brand. I’m loving all the boogie skin care brands. Sure there’s a seal on this. I’m just gonna pull the steel and then I’m going to put some on my hands.

I like this is a body butter, but it’s like a tube like so many body butters or like in the jars. And you have to, like, dip your fingers in there. But like if you have long nails like me, that’s a pain in the butt. Eso having it The squeezy too. But this is amazing. I’m just gonna put a little bit on my hand right there. What smells really nice. I wasn’t sure about Basil Lemon. I’m like That’s like an interesting combo, but actually smells really beautiful. And it’s like it’s not overly scented. Woo. And that feels nice. That feels really, really beautiful. It soaked into my skin, like, really easily. I like that about the stuff that all over my body Whoa! Up Next I see the hour less ambient lighting blush.

Oh, my gosh. Wow! Okay, these air, like really Bujji and really nice anything Hourglass is like super fancy. I always feel like the shape that God has diffused heat. So this is what the packaging looks like. Oh, that is so pretty. Oh, my gosh. I’m even have a mirror here to like, high party Pak Jang. All right, we need to put this on. I do already have, like, a decent amount of washing my cheeks. Do I really need more? No. What am I gonna put more on? Yes, this is too pretty not to add this to my cheeks. Oh, I love that little pop. A p I usedto literally never wear blush like ever. Have you guys been around on my channel for that long? Where I used to just not wear blush at all. But now I do, and I like it. You’re gonna have a little too much blush on now with the double bluff. But this is so beautiful. I love, like the marble in this of it is like it does have, like, those goals in there to really give you a beautiful flush on your skin. So that is really, really pretty totally going to use this. And again.

I really love our glass products. So I’m very happy to see that. You know, I forgot to tell you guys the value on the body butter, and then I’ll tell you the value on the blush. So the body butter is $32 then the lush is 40. Yes, our glasses, like Bujji, likes Sephora. Like I used to go into supporting, look at their stuff and be like, Oh, my God, I’ll never afford that. But with a box of charm, you can get it for much cheaper. Oh, my gosh. Okay. Another one of my favorite brands. We have the its heart based tape hydrating Prior. Wow, I think No, I think I have gotten tarts up before. It’s been a while since I got a tart product in my boxing term box. They are one of my favorite brands. This is a great primer. I absolutely love it on that. Take it out for sure, you guys, since I do own it myself already, I will go ahead and give this away to one of you guys.

Since it’s February comments on below what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day or Gallon, Tynes Day. If you’re hanging out with your girlfriends or you’re just gonna stay home, watch Netflix girl. That’s fine, too. I honestly probably I’m gonna just stay home because getting my wisdom teeth taken out next week. So I don’t know if I’m gonna be up to doing anything for Valentine’s Day. But calm down below how you’re gonna spend your Valentine’s Day and just a way for me to get in contact with you and you will be entered to win this. What do you guys just send this out to you? But this is a really great primer and really it.

Here’s the foundation to the skin and also really helps to hydrate your skin. So I love this super excited to see it in my box of time again, it’s a brand that I do love that. I use their products all the time. So a V a value on this guy is $30 up. Next we have the a carrot e palate. I think this is a yes. 21 warm and vibrant eye. Shadows? Yes, please. Oh, my hair is like eating it up. Now. This is the continent pilot. I’m probably like, totally, but during that name, so I’m sorry. Oh, wow. Oh, my God. This is so beautiful. I feel like the little picture on the back of the box didn’t do it. Justice, this is stunning. And you guys know I’m a warm tones, neutrals kind of girl.

So this is just like my name is written all over it. We have a mix of like mats. Very nice, actually. Feel like, really, really nice. And then we have some beautiful shivers in here, too, if my nails don’t dig through it. But this was really, really pretty. And, like, right up my alley Oh, I love this super super excited to try this out on my eyes handed. The value on that is $29 that’s for 21 eye shadows like that’s really good. Next we have the globe recipe A watermelon glow, ultrafine mist. I love this. This is so so good. And it smells amazing. I use this a lot of time in the morning. Just, like refresh my skin or even drop the day. You can spread this over makeup and just, like, refresh the base. Mmm. Oh, my God. Literally has the most beautiful watermelon sent, but it’s not too much. It’s still very light. But I love this from blow recipe.

All their watermelon products, obviously like all the produce from glow recipe are really good. I’ve gotten a lot of their stuff in boxing term, which is really cool, but the value on that is $28. How feeling is gonna be a high value box. And then the last thing we have in here is this 24 karat gold foil moisturizer from the brand fascia. I’ve never heard of that, but 24 karat gold seems pretty boozy too. May. So let’s open this. Wow, this is beautiful. And they’re like actual literal gold flakes in there. Like the third ingredient in this moisturizer is gold, which, like, is crazy. I am so excited about this,

Okay, so but at least a little bit on my hands, and I don’t want to waste it on my hand, But I’m kind of like I need to try right now, but I was in makeup on my face. I don’t put it over my makeup, so I just got some of my finger. It smells really, really nice, actually. Very like fresh. Oh, my God. You guys to see, like, the gold flakes. So boo Gee, I wouldn’t we live. This problem is gonna have to be expensive. I was doing with these gold flakes in it, but it feels really, really nice like that Just hydrated my hands so well, both of my hands are getting so hydrated today. But it feels really, really nice house a good gel kind of consistency to it, which I like.

So I am very excited to try this on my face about have gold on my face, honey. So the value on that is $100 I knew was gonna have me a lot because, like, literally, it has old in it. And what I like to is that this doesn’t leave like a greasy residue or anything like it’s very like hydrating and plumping and moisturizing, but doesn’t have that, like Greece that allowed moisturizers can leave. And neither did the body butter, honestly, like it’s like completely smooth. So I do really, really like that. Okay, so that is everything in the premium box.

Let’s go ahead and add up the value. On that case, we have the charity palette for $29 The Glow recipes spray for $28. The hourglass blush at 40 via gold moisturizer at 100 the tart primer at 30 and then the body butter at 32 for a total of 250 $9 0 oh my gosh, that is a high, high value box. Like I said, all you’re guaranteed is 175 bucks. But honestly, I feel like every single month it’s been significantly over the 1 75 and same thing with the bass box like you’re guaranteed $125.

But the values are always significantly over, which is pretty cool, especially based on the fact that, like the regular boxing $25 a month and the premium boxes only $35 for months, so that’s pretty good. All right, you guys, those are bold boxing trying boxes for the month of February. Definitely no down below. What you guys got in your box if you’ve received it and I’ll be sure to enter the giveaway again for the its heart primer, just let me know what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day. Thank you guys. So, so much for watching. I love you guys so much you’ll see very soon in the next video. Thanks.

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