5 Benefits of CBD Products

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Every morning, millions of Americans wake up in chronic pain, and they do their best to put on a brave face and conquer the day. According to recent statistics, as many as one in four Americans are living with some form of chronic pain as a result of arthritis, nerve or tissue damage, cancer or another underlying disease.

I was a volunteer ground zero on 9 11 and 12 and 1\/2 years after I was a volunteer, I developed throat cancer stage for inoperable and from that had to go through chemo and radiation. As a result of the cancer and the treatments, I developed chronic pains of all types, mainly in my neck, which is where the cancer was. I discovered the CBD and the benefits of CBD with anti inflammatory pain relief.

In those types of things, I decided to go the natural robe, and in doing so, you combine that with chemo and radiation. Five months later, I was deemed in complete remission, which is a beautiful thing. CBD is a therapeutic component and compound found in the cannabis plant. Researchers have recently discovered that there are cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body that changed the way the body functions. But passing through the cell membranes, CBD delays the re uptake of neurotransmitters and offers many Noro protective effects.

For instance, these receptors react to CBD and are found in immune cells that respond to pain and inflammation. Topical application of cannabinoids provides a gateway for direct absorption into the area where pain is experienced. I think that the CBD oil products definitely have a place in the toolbox in managing central neuropathic pain and spasticity. And we’ve had some great success stories. We’ve seen individuals who were on fairly high doses of back often or ties sanity be ableto wean down and get get on. Lower Dose is one of the problems with book back within a tight sanity, and that’s tremendously sedating s. So we’re trying to make people more functional and let them enjoy life.

Many of our individuals were working, still driving, so if we can find ways of managing their specificity or pain and let them be more functional, I’m all about that. And I think that puts some of our individuals that CBD or products have done done just that. So as I continued using the oils, uh, I realized that the application took about 30 minutes to work topically, and from that I decided to, as effective as it was was to make it my life’s mission to educate others about the responsible use of cannabis and its medicinal benefits.

My wife and I have a friend who lives over on the coast in Georgia who deals with story attic arthritis, and I can say that with CBD products, they have made a drastic difference in her life. She was using hydrocodone to manage very real pain from her story AC Arthritis. She’s been able to cut down to almost nothing on her Hydra Co down and have a much better quality of life with CBD products. When it comes to our health, it is important that we stay educated on the latest advancements in therapeutic remedies that can ease aches and pains without having compromising side effects.

CBD infused TA pickles have proven to have a significant role in healing and Aidan aches and pains. CBD essentials by canIs or brands offers premium medicinal cannabis products with high quality natural ingredients grown in America. canIs, or brands, employs the farm to skin movement and offers products such as massage oils, lip balms and lotions in a variety of sense and flavors. All of the products are tested for pesticides, microbial tze and residual solvents, resulting in all natural and high quality ingredients.

Everything that we do in multiple sclerosis right now you can put into one of three boxes were either treating acute attacks were managing symptoms and improving quality of life. Or we’re trying to prevent future progression. Hopefully, they’ll be 1\/4 box someday, and that that’s repairing the damage. And I do think we’re getting closer to that. So right now, when I think about where cannabinoids CBD oil, where those fit into that food chain, there is pretty strong evidence that they do play a role in symptom management, specifically things like central neuropathic pain burning, hypersensitivity, unpleasant tingling and also play a role in spasticity management.

Some interesting things that we’ve found with people muscle and joint pain is really kind of what we started with because of my problems. But what went deeper than that is we had one patient, for example, who used it on psoriasis, and she had a volleyball sized psoriasis on her leg. And after two and 1\/2 months. It’s to the size of a pea. And it was scaling lesions. It was really terrible. We use it a lot for M s patients. And what M s patients find is that it reduces the specificity in their body that’s driven neurologically. And CBD has a great benefit for almost anything neurological. I was diagnosed with chronic acne on, and I was actually placed on some pretty heavy medication from a dermatologist.

It actually gave me some pretty negative side effects. I had chronic dry lips. I suffered this for several years. I tried, you know, almost every product out there on the market, and some of them would seem to help for a little while and they would eventually end up, you know, harming my lips even more or you know just what’s completely stopped working. So, um, I actually stumbled upon Aaron and CBD essentials. I love that the product is all natural, and, you know, it really has helped. I apply it about once every hour on the hour, and as you can tell, it’s it’s definitely healed. My chronic dry lips, an organic and premium topical CBD essentials do not contain any harmful ingredients such as parabens or sell fights, and his 100% plant based.

They ate in massage therapy, acne prevention, nerve pain, psoriasis, arthritis and mawr. After the remission of his cancer and getting a second chance at life, Aaron Seeber has made it his mission to help others and pay it forward. I’ve been truly blessed with an opportunity with the second chance, and to pay it forward is really important. Um, we take 5% of all the proceeds from our products, and we donated to what we call the compassionate Cannabis Community or Canada.

The Candy causes foundation. From that. We take those proceeds and we feed the homeless. We help you shelter for them in any number of things. What we’re trying to transcend is that people that use cannabis are just like you and I. We’re compassionate about our fellow human being, and we just want to kind of do what’s right. CBD Essentials therapy designed by nature. To learn more about the medicinal benefits or to purchase these products online, visit us at CANIS or brands dot com.