2 Month Atoms Shoes Review

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What up Hyper Change. Welcome to a new episode today. We’re talking about Atoms, the hottest sneaker startup in Silicon Valley, Founded by a husband and wife team. Adam’s has been making waves all over the tech community. I’m going to provide you with my 2 Month Review on these Atoms Shoes.

They sent us a pair of sneakers, huge shut out boxes, little crinkled. I’m over it. I think these guys have the potential to be the everyday shoot four creatives. There’s a ton of technology, the director consumer native on the Web, you know, an awesome founding team. So I’m super excited to try the product, get my hands on it and see if it will live up to the height that the world was comfortable. Sneaker.

So first to start, absolutely loved the box. Think the logo is like, beautiful and just like so clean and simple. I personally wish the box wasn’t crinkled. If I was them and sending this youtuber, I would not crinkled box, but not just mine. So you got here. Damn very simple shoe Super clean feels really sturdy. Um, Adam’s logo on there, also interesting to note, really porous and there to like, even though it feels sturdy, it’s sort of like this weird kind of mesh that even just on first touch seems super breathe able. And so I think that’s a really I don’t know. I’m excited about that. These were supposed to be like super comfy wear every single day.

There’s supposed to be really durable. So I want this to be my new everyday shoe. Replacing my all birds have these around six months, so happy to get rid of them. Like, Wow, this feels incredible. Like first feel super snug, fit, like just sort of hugging my foot places or super stretchy. They even want you to never even have to tie shoes because the laces are always saying, Wow, I feel incredibly comfortable, super light, but also like tight snugly fit around my foot. I feel like I could walk, run, jump, just super athletic shoes. I think they look amazing. So I’m so excited to wear these around now. I’m gonna try him out for a week, doing everything I normally do.

We’ll get back to guys with What about Hyper Change were back. I’ve had two full months with my Adam sneakers. I wore them every single day, took them camping, hiking, traveling walking, even went jogging, worked out, needs a couple times, having cleaned them at all. So you guys get the full real look at these atoms, and I got to say, I am a huge fan. Let’s start with the pros of the shoot. So the first thing I got to say about the shoe is it is just so, so comfortable, like, every time I slide my foot in it, it just feels like, perfectly like home. And unlike something like the All Birds, which I’m a customer of and actually love all birds, those sort of stretch out pretty quickly.

My Atoms haven’t stretched out is all they feel, like, just as comfortable the day I got them and a secure. And I think that really, really matters in terms of, like performance and walking long distances, which is something I do. I love the atoms. That second big thing right I love is the stretching places. Combined with this reinforced steel, Atoms are actually designed so that you never have to tie them again, and you just sort of slide them on like this. And that’s exactly how I wear my shoes. So I was stoked about that. And I will say, after wearing them for two months, you noticed that reinforcement of hell on the stretchy laces really go a long way.

Compared to like Nike’s witches aren’t designed for that, even though everybody wears them like that. Additionally, the third thing about the shoes you probably can’t see this, but in this behind this black mesh is a copper wiring, which is supposed to serve two purposes, the first of which makes it so. There’s less smell. You know, your feet might smile if you’re sweaty, but ideally that’ll reduce that, additionally, helps regulate temperature. So I can’t say I’ve noticed either of those first hand, but I do think that is some cool tech built into the shoe. Atoms are awesome, but they’re not perfect. My biggest drawback or hesitation with the shoe is the materials that it’s made out. Unlike all birds, who is pushing the limits on testing new, innovative, more sustainable materials to build it shoes. I can’t say the same for Atoms , and part of their theory is that they use synthetic materials and that makes their shoes last longer.

So you have to buy less pairs, so it has a less carbon footprint that way, but that’s still rubs me the wrong way. I would really like to see Adam’s push in terms of innovating for materials, or at least published more data research about their supply chain to indicate why they’re moving forward to a more sustainable production system, because that’s something I think is super important for every single product I buy. I just felt like that puzzle piece was missing with Adam’s. Second thing is that the cost is about $180 for a new pair of Adam’s. I did get these for free, but I will say that if I was buying these brand new I think the price is a little bit steep. I mean, the shoes of basic shoe, very simple design. It just feels like it should be priced more around 100 bucks.

I understand there’s some tech that goes into it like the copper wires quarter sizing, but it just felt a little too expensive for where she needs to hang ups for Adam’s. Those would have to be in built material and the price, regardless of those two things. All in all, I think Atoms is a super exciting company to watch. First of all, I’m a sneaker head. I’ve been buying and selling sneakers for 10 years or used to in high school, so I’m always fascinated. But what’s going on in this space? I mean, Nike and Adidas have dominated with an oligopoly for years and years, so it’s awesome to see these little startups breaking through. Additionally, Atoms has only raised about $500,000 but they generate a ton of hype. In Silicon Valley. They went to the most prestigious incubator.

Wow, Why Combinator? The founders have a history of running a shoe startup before they ran the dress shoe company mark for. They work hard. They execute, they bring great products to market. I think this is a company that is just thinking about shoes differently, thinking about how you’re using them, how they can build a better product, that is a shoe that you want to use every single day. And I think that’s a niche that, as a creator, has integrated itself into my daily outfit. And actually I just bought my second pair of Adam’s the great Hair, which is a special color way that they actually only have for repeat customers. That’s part of their future. Business plans have different color ways. Come out with different, least laced colors and make some of those exclusive toe only repeat customers. Additionally, you know the future of the company.

They have a ton of different tech in the works. Apparently, they’re designing a special soul that will gauge how you step on your shoes, where your weight pressure is, so that they could redesign your shoes the next time for better distribution and more comfort. Like I just think they’re thinking about this as sort of a software product that you constantly Gatorade upon. So I’m a huge fan. The mentality of Atoms . And I think the pace of innovation that they have is gonna be much faster than almost any traditional shoe company. Beyond that, you know, Jack Dorsey is tweeting about the company.

My favorite VC nip drawer was one of the early investors like this just has all the signs of a company that could go all the way, and it’s super early to watch on. Product Hunters already list at 11,000 people who want to preorder your shoes. That’s almost $2 million in revenue despite them still being in beta mode. I think Adam’s is potentially on their way to becoming a huge player in the sneaker industry. Definitely want to have on your radar huge Shut out to Atoms for sending me these shoes. I already ordered my second pair. Can’t wait to get him. So I’m looking forward to falling everything you do in the future and hyper changers. Thanks for tuning in. And I’ll see you guys next time piece.

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